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Custom Plugins

Our Designers can create custom pieces of software containing a group of functions and implement them into your WordPress website.

Writing Services

Writing assistance for numerous projects depending on our client’s needs.

Style Adjustments

Making aesthetic adjustments to the style of your website.

Logo Design

Professional logo and branding design that help our clients make a lasting impression on their consumer base.

Custom Graphics

We can provide you with beautiful high-quality digital assets that are optimized for web use.

Image Manipulation

Our Designers are skilled in programs that allow them to transform or alter an image to suit your needs.

File Conversions

The process of converting a file to another type. (IE .jpg to .png or .jpg to .pdf)

Custom Post Types

 Custom content types to suit any need. (IE posts and pages)


Looking to learn more about how to manage your site yourself? We will teach you to use WordPress and the plugins you love.


Get one on one help to restore your website after a hacking attempt or data corruption.

General Support

We are here to answer your questions, help you choose the right plugin for your needs or anything else.


Ecommerce comes with a lot of questions. We are here to offer support for the buying and selling of goods/services online.

…And soooo much more!!

Getting the help you need could not be easier

Live help is just a click away and right on your wordpress dashboard. Speak to our live agents to get your problem solved quickly.

Easily access the latest news, submit a support ticket or buy additional support hours.

Helpful links right from the admin bar. The logo shows that help is just a click away.

Getting Started Is Easy

How many times have you needed help, and had to look to Google or some other method for answers? Whether it’s plugins, ECommerce, design needs, general support, etc. getting the answers you seek has never been easier! ArchTronics Support eliminates the middle man and provides you with one on one assistance right from your dashboard.

With a simple click of a button and install, you will have dedicated support agents at your disposal.

Easily Manage Your Account

We have integrated simplicity into managing your ArchTronics Account online. You access your profile through your Dashboard in order to make any edits (including; change your addresses, updating all of your contact information, etc.)

We also have made it easy for you to view your orders, switch or cancel subscriptions, and manage your support tickets.

Devote More Time to your Business

Maintaining a website can quickly become a full-time job. Keeping up with all the necessary updates, SEO, and security measures alone takes precious time away from more important tasks. Even if you are tech-savvy, devoting an hour or more every day to managing your site is probably not something you want to do.

ArchTronics offers many options that have the potential to take sizeable amount of work off of your shoulders.

All of these things are essential to ensuring the success of your website. Let us help you reduce your mundane workload with our ArchTronics Support Plugin, so you can focus on producing content, growing your brand, and tending to other business needs.

We Are WordPress Professionals

When choosing ArchTronics you can rest easy knowing that your business is in the hands of a company that has years of WordPress experience behind them. We have been providing WordPress help and support to our customers since 2004. Our staff is well trained, knowledgeable, and has a great track record when it comes to Customer Satisfaction.

Our services come with a guaranteed completion contract. If for some reason your project isn’t completed, you will receive a refund.

Always Here When You Need Us

Open communication is key to any business relationship. We always want you to be able to reach us with any concerns you may have. This is why we not only offer phone and email support but we also have a convenient live chat that is accessible from anywhere on our website. Upon installing our plugin you will also have access to the live chat access when logged into your WP admin account

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